How MobalPay Gives to Charity

If you’ve got a new MobalPay Mastercard, you may well have noticed something that you don’t often see on a payment card: our promise that using the card will help to fund our many charity projects! That’s because MobalPay guarantees that the majority of its profits go to charity, meaning that for every card activated, and for each time a user pays their monthly fee, money is going straight to some amazing charity work.

Our growing network of charity partners around the world are working hard to bring people out of poverty, through education, enterprise, and opportunity – creating spaces where people in poverty can not just simply have their most basic needs met, but to truly flourish into a life of self-sustaining prosperity.

It’s a different approach to most (maybe even all) other payment providers out there, but it’s one that we’re extremely proud of, and we hope that as a MobalPay user, you will be too!

How You Can Help

We can only support charities in the way that we do with the help of you, our users! Put simply, the more expats in Japan are using MobalPay, the more we can give to charity. So, if you know someone who could really use a payment card that makes paying in Japan that little bit simpler, then we’d be incredibly grateful if you could let them know about us! We know that we’re only a small fish in a very big pond when it comes to payment solutions, but with our incredible and growing family of customers, we know that we can really stand out in a marketplace crowded with big banks and multinational corporations!
You can also really help us reach new users by leaving a review here!

We want every expat in Japan to know that there’s a payment card designed just for them, and a few words about how you’ve found your MobalPay service so far will help us to make that possible.
Thank you for being a MobalPay user – you’re making a huge difference just by being you!

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