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MobalPay Gives to Charity

How MobalPay Gives to Charity

If you’ve got a new MobalPay Mastercard, you may well have noticed something that you don’t often see on a payment card...

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Can I Use MobalPay with Mobile Suica?

If you’re an iPhone user, it’s super easy to get a Mobile Suica card, and top it up using your MobalPay balance...

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Using MobalPay Without a Japanese Bank Account

One of the biggest reasons that MobalPay is a great option if you’re new to Japan is that you can get a real prepaid Japanese Mastercard without having to have a Japanese bank account...

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We Asked an AI Chatbot Why It’s So Difficult for Expats to Get a Payment Card in Japan.

It can be hard to understand why it’s so difficult for new expats in Japan to get themselves a payment card that they can use like they’re accustomed to using one back home...

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MobalPay Now Works with PayPay! (and AU Pay, Rakuten Pay, d-Barai).

Since we launched, it’s been one of the most frequently answered questions from new users – does MobalPay work with PayPay?

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MobalPay – Your Questions Answered!

Since the launch of MobalPay a few weeks ago, it’s been great to see so many of you using your new MobalPay cards all over Japan...