3 Ways Paying in Japan is Better With a Real Japanese Phone Number

When living in Japan, payment can be difficult. Language barriers, reliance on cash, and complex banking systems make it challenging, and it can be even tougher if you don’t have a real Japanese phone number. Let’s explore three ways paying in Japan becomes better when you have a real Japanese phone number, and how MobalPay can help you make the most of your financial transactions.

1. Online Shopping Convenience:
Online shopping is big in Japan, but it can get tricky without a Japanese phone number! Lots of Japanese online stores and marketplaces ask for a local phone number to verify your registration. Plus, it makes it easy to communicate with sellers, giving you a seamless online shopping experience.

2. Easy cash transfers:
A real Japanese phone number makes cash transfers at ATMs in Japan simpler. Many ATMs require a phone number for verification, and having a local number allows expats to complete the process smoothly. It provides an easy and convenient way to send money to others or to top up your MobalPay account balance.

3. Enhanced Security:
When it comes to financial transactions, security is super important. Having a real Japanese phone number adds an extra layer of security to your payments. Many online banking services in Japan use two-factor authentication (2FA), sending a verification code to your registered phone number for added protection. With a local number, you can securely authorize transactions and keep your financial info safe, giving you peace of mind.

In Japan, having a real Japanese phone number is a game-changer for payments. It brings tons of benefits like convenience, security, and access to exclusive services. With MobalPay, you can dive into a world of smooth financial transactions, whether you’re visiting or living in Japan. So, make sure you get a real Japanese phone number and enjoy the ease, security, and peace of mind it brings. You can get a real Japanese phone number, plus access to flexible data plans and tons of other benefits from Mobal. You can even use your MobalPay card to pay for the service! Discover the Mobal Japan Unlimited SIM here.

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