MobalPay Terms and Conditions

Changes to our Terms and Conditions:

We reserve the right to change our Terms and Conditions from time to time. If we make any changes that may affect your MobalPay service, we will always notify you by email.

In February 2024 some changes were made to the following terms and conditions

1. Topping Up

Our Agreement

These Terms and Conditions detail the agreement between the MobalPay card user, (“You”), and the MobalPay card provider, Mobell Communications Ltd. Japan Branch (“Us”/“We”).

We are a company registered in Japan authorized by Kanto Finance Bureau to issue Prepaid Payment Instruments via the Payment Services Act. Our registration number is 00760 and our Japanese company number is 0104-03-003874.

By using MobalPay, you agree to the Terms and Conditions as detailed below.

Eligibility and Restrictions

To qualify for the MobalPay service you must
- Be over 18 years of age.
- Have proof of Japanese residence.
When applying for your MobalPay card you will be asked to upload identification documents to prove your eligibility. Basic security and/or identification checks will be carried out as part of the application process, and in some instances, we may need to contact you to obtain more information before your application can be accepted. By applying for the MobalPay card you are authorizing us to carry out these checks.

You may only have one active MobalPay card on your account at any one time.

Your Right to Cancel

If you're not completely satisfied with your MobalPay card for any reason you can take advantage of our Money Back Guarantee. Simply email us at within 8 days of receipt telling us why you are not satisfied. We will refund the sale price of the MobalPay card by bank transfer. We are unable to refund by cash.
The Money Back Guarantee does not cover shipping charges, top-up balances, subscription fees or any other charges relating to your MobalPay card.


For your security your MobalPay card will be shipped to the address provided on your identification document. Your order will be shipped using the delivery method selected at the point of purchase. A signature may be required at delivery. Once you have received your MobalPay card, please sign the back of it.

There may be a fee for re-routing or canceling your order after it has been shipped. If your order has not arrived a refund may not be issued until the maximum estimated delivery date has been reached. If this date has passed and you have still not received your order, email Refunds may not be issued if you have not allowed sufficient time for delivery. Please check the contents of your package carefully and notify us within 8 days of any missing or incorrect items.

Faulty Cards

If there is a fault with your MobalPay card within 12 months of purchase we will replace it. Please email

Your Online Account (MyMobalPay)

Your online account will be set up using the information you provide on your application form. You can manage your MobalPay card from your online account. Your online account can be accessed from your smartphone, tablet, or PC. It is your responsibility to make sure you have both a secure device and internet connection to access your online account. You can activate your card, request top-ups, view your usage history, suspend your card and/or update your personal data in your online account.

We will email your log-in details and instructions on how to access your online account when your order has been processed.

Change of Details

If your address, phone number or email address change, it is your responsibility to update the new information in your online account. Failure to update these details could result in missed communications and/or result in confidential information being misdirected, for which we will not be held responsible.

If your name has changed, please let us know by email at

Protecting Your Account

You must sign the back of your MobalPay card as soon as you receive it. You must ensure that your MobalPay card, PIN, and account details are stored securely at all times. You should never share your card information, PIN, or account details with anyone. You agree never to lend or transfer your MobalPay card to others, or to provide your card as collateral; doing this will invalidate your MobalPay card and account. We will not be held responsible for any issues caused by your failure to protect your MobalPay card and account.

You must notify us immediately of any irregular activity on your MobalPay account. This includes payments made to or from your MobalPay account. We may monitor accounts for suspicious activity. If we believe there to be suspicious activity on your MobalPay account we may suspend your service. We will not be responsible for any fraudulent activity on your MobalPay service.


Your MobalPay card must be activated within 3 months of purchase. After this time, you must purchase a new card. To activate your card, simply log-in to your online account and follow the simple instructions.

Subscription Fees

Subscription fees are billed on the same date each month from activation. For cards activated on the 29th/30th/31st of the month subscription fees will be billed on the 1st of each month. Subscription fees will continue to be deducted from your balance even if your card is suspended, this includes cards that have been suspended as lost, stolen or damaged. If your balance is less than the subscription fee, we may deduct your remaining balance and/or deduct one month’s subscription fee from your next top-up. This may change your subscription fee billing date. To view the subscription fees please visit our website.

Topping Up

Top-ups can be made using any of the payment methods listed in your online account.

You are responsible for paying any fees associated with your top-up. Any fees charged to us, as a result of your top-up, may be deducted from your top-up amount.

Top-up limits are in place and if you exceed these limits, we may have to withhold funds from your account until the limit cap has been released. We do not know how long this could take so it is important you keep track of your total top-up amount each month. To view top-up limits, visit our website.

As soon as your top-up has cleared it will be reflected in your online account. This can take up to 2 working days. Occasionally, due to circumstances beyond our control, there may be delays in your top-up reaching your account. top-ups made to the wrong account cannot be altered and your funds will be lost. It is your responsibility when topping up to confirm that all of the details are correct before submitting the payment.

Top-ups are non-refundable.

Paying With Your MobalPay Card

The MobalPay card can be used in store and online where Mastercard is accepted in exchange for goods and services. Your MobalPay card may not be accepted at petrol/gas stations; hotels; for payment of motorway or toll charges; for prepaid or digital money top-ups; for payment of membership/subscription charges, or for some other recurring payments. You will not be able to pay in instalments. Please note that there may be additional merchants/services that do not accept MobalPay.

For your security, you may be required to sign or enter a 4-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) when making payment with your MobalPay card. Your PIN will be printed on the paperwork provided with your MobalPay card. Your PIN number cannot be changed and if you lose your PIN you will need to complete the application process to purchase a new MobalPay card.

On making a payment, your MobalPay card balance will reduce by the total value of your transaction as and when we receive the information from the merchant. There may be delays in receiving the payment request from the merchant, which can result in a delay in your MobalPay balance being updated.

Sometimes, merchants may not complete the payment, but instead take an authorization to check whether your card is valid. If the merchant opts to authorize your card, the authorized amount will be reserved or frozen from your balance for a duration specified by the merchant. The reserved amount will only become available once the authorization expires or is canceled.

Your maximum spend can be found on our website.

The MobalPay card does not support cash withdrawal or balance transfers.

Negative Balances

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have enough balance on your card to make payments, however, it may be possible for some transactions to process even when you do not have enough balance on your card, taking your card balance below zero. If that happens, we will notify you as soon as possible to repay the outstanding balance. Where possible, we will settle the payment automatically by means of deducting it from your balance. Interest may be applied to late payments.


Refunds for goods/services purchased using your MobalPay card should be requested from the merchant directly. We will not seek a refund for goods/services on your behalf. We will not credit your MobalPay balance unless the funds have been returned to us by the merchant.

Please note that there may be delays in receiving refund information from the merchant and this being reflected in your MobalPay balance. A refund to your MobalPay card can result in your balance exceeding the limit. In this case, we may withhold some funds until the balance on your account has reduced. To view top-up limits, visit our website.

Using Your MobalPay Card Internationally

The MobalPay card is not designed to be used outside of Japan. Using your MobalPay card outside of Japan will result in additional charges. If you use your MobalPay card outside of Japan the amount you pay will be converted into Japanese Yen at the daily conversion rate specified by Mastercard. There is an international handling fee for non-Japanese Yen payments as specified on our website.

Any refunds of international transactions will be processed based on the information provided by the merchants. This could result in the refund value differing from the original payment value. In such instances, we are unable to process the difference between the two values.

We will not be held responsible for any discrepancies relating to international transactions on your MobalPay card.

Loss, Theft or Damage

If your MobalPay card is lost, stolen or damaged you will be responsible for suspending your card in your online account. You will be liable for all charges on your card, including any fraudulent activity, until you suspend your card.

If you require a replacement MobalPay card you will need to purchase a new card. You will receive a new card number and PIN number. We will transfer any remaining balance to your new MobalPay card once you notify us that your new card has been activated.

You must use the same account information as in your online account when purchasing the replacement card. If you use different account information, we may be unable to transfer your balance to the new account.

Terminating Your Service

You can request to terminate your MobalPay service in your online account. Any outstanding transactions must be cleared before the termination will be processed. Any remaining balance on the account will be non-refundable and non-transferable. Your account information will be retained for a minimum of 3 months from the point of termination.


If there has been no activity (excluding your MobalPay subscription fee) on your MobalPay card for 12 months or more, we reserve the right to close your account. In this case any remaining balance on the account will be non-refundable and non-transferable.

Card Expiration

Your MobalPay card is valid for a maximum of 7 years – Please refer to the front of your MobalPay card for your valid thru date.

We will contact you before your card expires giving you the opportunity to apply for a new card and transfer your balance. If you do not apply for a new card before your original card expires any remaining balance on your account will be lost.

Service Disruption

We will always endeavour to quickly resolve any problems with our services, no matter what the cause.

While we work hard to minimize any interruption to your MobalPay service, there may be circumstances in which your service may be disrupted or suspended such as:
• Potential fraud/investigation into your account
• Natural disasters, power outages, communication failures
• During maintenance/system failures
• Issues/faults with third parties providing aspects of our service
• Other unavoidable circumstances beyond our control

Our Limitations

We cannot be held responsible if we do not comply with any of these Terms and Conditions as a result of:
• Extreme/unusual circumstances or circumstances beyond our control
• Our obligations by law

We shall not be held responsible for any loss, damage, injury or inconvenience arising from any aspect of our service.

Our right to terminate

We reserve the right to terminate our agreement with you and withhold your balance if we reasonably believe you have:
• Broken the terms of this agreement;
• Provided false information;
• Put us in a position where we may break a law, regulation, code or other duty;
• Committed or attempted fraud;
• Used your MobalPay account illegally or for criminal activity;
• Allowed someone else to access your MobalPay account;
• Behaved in a threatening or abusive manner towards our staff or customers; and/or
• Other reasons which we view as inappropriate.

If you violate this agreement or cause damage to us or a third party, you will bear all responsibility, including liability for damages to all parties, regardless of your intent or negligence.


If we cease to operate MobalPay, we will notify you by email. In this case, you can request a refund of your balance, which we will process using the methods available to us. If you do not request a refund within 60 days from the end of service, your balance will expire.

Intellectual Property Rights

You must not take any action that infringes the rights related to the constituent materials of the MobalPay service (as part of Mobell Communications Ltd. Japan Branch), such as ownership rights; intellectual property rights, including copyrights; portrait rights; publicity rights, etc., without our permission.

Privacy Policy

We take your privacy seriously and will take the utmost care to keep the information we collect from you safe. You can find our Privacy Policy on our website.

Elimination of Anti-Social Forces

By placing your order, you confirm that you are not currently, never have been, and have no intention of becoming involved with any anti-social forces*. You confirm that your purchase will not be used in order to assist the funding of any anti-social forces or be used to facilitate anti-social forces. You also confirm that you are not associated with anti-social forces in any socially disapproved manner and that you don't use anti-social forces unjustly.

*Anti-social forces defined as below, but not limited to:

1. A member, a quasi-member of, or affiliated to an Organized Crime Group 2. A group specializing in intellectual crimes (tokushu chinou boryoku shudan) 3. A person engaging in criminal activities under the pretext of conducting social campaign or political activities (shakaiundo hyobo goro)

We will not accept anti-social behaviour such as: violent, threatening or unreasonable demands beyond our responsibility, damaging our credibility or interfering with our business.

Governing Law

This agreement shall be governed by the laws of Japan. The Tokyo District Court shall have the exclusive jurisdiction of the first instance to settle any disputes that may arise from or in connection with this agreement.

Contacting us

Please contact customer support if you have any queries.
Address: Mobell Communications Ltd. 8th FL, VORT Kagurazaka I, 34 Tansumachi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162-0833

Last updated November 11th 2022.