The Payment Service Act

This page is created to comply with the Payment Service Act.


Mobell Communications Ltd.
8th FL, VORT Kagurazaka I, 34 Tansumachi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162-0833

Card limit

Payment limit: ¥500,000
Balance limit: ¥500,000
Top-up limit (per day): ¥500,000
Top-up limit (per month): ¥1,000,000

How to check outstanding balance

Please visit MyAccount.

Expiry date

Your MobalPay card is valid for a maximum of 7 years.


Customer support:


The MobalPay card can be used in store and online where Mastercard is accepted in exchange for goods and services. Your MobalPay card may not be accepted at petrol/gas stations; hotels; for payment of motorway or toll charges; for prepaid or digital money top-ups; for payment of membership/subscription charges, or for some other recurring payments. 

Additional Information

Account balances and top-ups are non-refundable.
Our full Terms and Conditions can be found here

Deposit Money

Based on the Payment Services Act, we deposit 50% or more of the unused balance of MobalPay with the Tokyo Legal Affairs Bureau (deposit office) as security deposit for issuance. In the event of an emergency, holders of Prepaid Payment Instruments may receive payment of security deposits that have been secured in advance, prior to other creditors, based on the provisions of Article 31 of the Payment Service Act.

Fraud Compensation

We don’t offer compensation for fraudulent usage of prepay balances.

Our standards to disclose unauthorized transactions

In the event that fraudulent transactions have occurred or are likely to occur, we will promptly disclose the necessary information when we determine that:
- it is necessary to prevent the spread of damage ( including secondary damage) based on the situation of the fraudulent transactions
- it is beneficial to avoid occurrence of similar cases
- it is recognized that the social impact is large due to circumstances such as the amount of damage and the number of cases

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