Easy Cash Top-Up

Easy Cash Top-Up for Your MobalPay Account

In a digital world, cashless transactions have become the norm. However, we understand that some people still prefer using cash. That’s why we offer a simple and convenient way to top up your MobalPay account using physical currency. Let’s explore how you can easily fund your MobalPay account with cash.

1. Find Authorized Cash Top-Up Points:
MobalPay has a wide network of authorized cash top-up points at ATMs all over Japan. We have detailed instructions available for doing this at Mizuho Bank and SMBC Bank – we’d recommend heading to one of these if you have a branch nearby.

2. Prepare for the Top-Up:
Before going to the ATM, make sure you have your MobalPay account details handy. This includes your account number and our topup bank details, all of which you can find in your MobalPay MyAccount. Also, remember to bring enough cash to cover the desired top-up amount and any applicable fees.

3. Head to the ATM:
Head to the cash top-up location of your choice. Follow our detailed instructions for what to do next!

4. Complete the Cash Top-Up:
Once the ATM has counted your cash, the bank will process the top-up directly into your MobalPay account. Keep any receipt or confirmation provided as proof of the transaction.

5. Verify the Top-Up:
Afterwards, check your MobalPay account to confirm that the funds have been successfully credited. This can take up to two business days. If you have any concerns, reach out to MobalPay’s customer support for assistance.

MobalPay makes it easy to fund your account with cash, combining the benefits of digital payments with the convenience of using physical currency. Locate a nearby authorized cash top-up point, provide your account details, complete the transaction, and enjoy seamless transactions through MobalPay!

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