Convenience Store Cash Top-Ups

NEW: Convenience Store Cash Top-Ups!

We’ve got some news that’s going to make your MobalPay experience MUCH simpler.

Introducing Super Simple Convenience Store Top-ups!

Navigating Japan’s intricate banking maze as an expat can be as challenging as solving a Rubik’s Cube blindfolded. That’s why we invented MobalPay in the first place! But, we know that topping up your account has been a little tricky until now. Well, all that’s about to change!

Say hello to our newest feature: cash top-ups at convenience stores!

With MobalPay’s new convenience store top-ups, you can now head into popular storess like 7-Eleven, Family Mart, Lawson, Mini Stop, and Seicomart, and load up your MobalPay card with cold, hard cash. It’s as simple as grabbing your favorite snack off the shelf – no hassle, no fuss, just pure financial freedom at your fingertips.

Why MobalPay’s Convenience Store Top-ups Are a Game-Changer

Bye-Bye Banking Blues: Say farewell to the days of grappling with complex banking systems. With MobalPay’s convenience store top-ups, you’re in control. Top ups are as easy as taking a barcode to a cashier, and handing over some cash.

Cash is King: We get it – cash is still super common in Japan. That’s why MobalPay wanted to make it as easy as possible to turn that cash into funds you can use to make payments with your MobalPay card. Now, you can do that on practically every street corner! No need to stress about finding ATMs – you’re sure to be able to top up your account easily.

Shop Till You Drop: Your MobalPay card, loaded and ready, lets you shop in-store and online seamlessly. Your wallet’s no longer loaded down with cash, and you can use your money just like you would back home.

You can find everything you need to know about making convenience store payments in your MobalPay MyAccount!

Happy exploring,

Team MobalPay

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