MobalPay's Declan Somers and Makoto Yamada at the Social Product Awards

Celebrating Warm Hearts and Bold Innovations: MobalPay at the Social Products Awards 2024

The 26th of March was a big day for social entrepreneurship and charitable endeavors in Japan. The Jiji Tsushin Hall, renowned for hosting significant events, welcomed the Social Products Awards 2024, an annual celebration of initiatives that combine business acumen with social impact, now in its 11th year. 

MobalPay, alongside its sister company Mobal, known for providing communication solutions with a charitable twist, was proud to be part of it. Our dedication to creating a better world through our products and services found recognition in a very special way. 

The spotlight of the evening shone on the Warm Hearts Coffee Club, a non-profit coffee subscription venture that’s part of the same family of brands and charities as MobalPay. But Warm Hearts Coffee Club, which sources its coffee from Malawi, is not just about delivering exceptional coffee; it’s a beacon of hope, channeling profits into Seibo – another Japan-based charity. This venture ensures that over 17,000 children in Malawi receive nutritious school meals, a fundamental step towards education and a better future. 

Our very own Makoto Yamada, the driving force behind our charitable activities in Japan, received the award on behalf of the Warm Hearts Coffee Club. This recognition not only celebrates the impact of our initiatives but also shines a light on the broader mission of MobalPay and Mobal – to harness the power of business for social good. 

The Social Products Awards 2024 also highlighted other innovative solutions, such as the Sustainable Bosai System, which tackles food waste by extending the shelf life of emergency food supplies and ensuring they reach those in need before expiration. Meanwhile, Kojima Jeans Street was celebrated for revitalizing the local economy in Okayama Prefecture, transforming it into a destination that attracts over a quarter million visitors annually with its 48 jeans outlets. 

At MobalPay, we are inspired by innovations that not only address immediate needs but also contribute to sustainable development and community empowerment. Our participation in the Social Products Awards 2024 is a testament to our commitment to making a difference, one product, one service, one cup of coffee at a time. 

Check out Warm Hearts Coffee Club and get yourself some delicious coffee here! 

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