The Starbucks Japan Mobile App: Your Gateway to Rewards! 

With approximately 1,780 stores scattered across Japan, Starbucks has entrenched itself as the go-to destination for coffee enthusiasts and remote workers alike. Beyond the aromatic allure of freshly brewed beverages, Starbucks locations in Japan offer a haven of comfort. Coupled with reliable free WiFi and ample power sockets, these establishments serve as an oasis for those seeking respite or productivity. 

At the heart of this experience lies the Starbucks Japan Mobile App, a digital companion that seamlessly integrates with the in-store journey. Users accrue ‘Stars’ with every purchase, embarking on a journey towards complimentary drinks and delectable treats.  

By registering your MobalPay card with the Starbucks Japan Mobile App, the traditional order-and-wait routine transforms into a streamlined, queue-free process. Simply select your desired location, place your order through the app, and await the familiar call of your chosen nickname to collect your order. 

With MobalPay serving as your payment method within the app, transactions become seamless and secure. Topping up your Starbucks card in increments of 1,000 yen unlocks a world of benefits, including the coveted rewards program. 




Starbucks Rewards Program 


Here’s a breakdown of the Starbucks Japan rewards program: 

Accumulating Stars: Earn 1 Star for every ¥54 spent, including tax. 

Gold Membership: Upon reaching 250 Stars, ascend to Gold Membership status. 

Reward Redemption: Exchange 150 Gold Stars for an eTicket within the app, valid for 30 days. 

Redeemable Items: Each eTicket can be exchanged for menu items, including drinks with customizations, coffee beans, or food, up to a value of ¥700. 


Insider Tips and Tricks 


One More Coffee: Opt for non-fancy drinks like Drip Coffee or Cafe Misto to receive a “One More Drink” ticket, allowing you to enjoy a discounted cup of drip coffee later. 

Seamless Ordering: Navigate the Starbucks Japan Mobile App effortlessly by selecting your store, drink preferences, and payment method, powered by MobalPay. 


Seamlessly integrate MobalPay with the Starbucks Japan Mobile App to unlock a world of rewards, streamline transactions, and elevate your coffee experience to unprecedented heights. Embrace the future of coffee culture today, one sip at a time. 





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