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We Asked an AI Chatbot Why It’s So Difficult for Expats to Get a Payment Card in Japan. The Results are Fascinating!

It can be hard to understand why it’s so difficult for new expats in Japan to get themselves a payment card that they can use like they’re accustomed to using one back home. So, we asked the OpenAI ChatGPT bot! The answer it gave us shows just how frustrating it can be for new Japan expats:

There are a few reasons why it may be difficult for expats to get a payment card (such as a credit or debit card) in Japan. One reason is that many financial institutions in Japan require applicants to have a permanent residence status or a long-term visa in order to open a payment card account. This can be difficult for expats who are only in Japan for a short period of time or who are in the process of obtaining a visa.

Another reason is that some financial institutions in Japan may have strict documentation requirements for opening a payment card account. This may include the need to provide proof of address, employment, and other personal identification documents. These requirements can be challenging for expats who are new to Japan and may not have established these types of documents in the country.

Finally, language barriers may also be a factor in the difficulty of obtaining a payment card in Japan for expats. Many financial institutions in Japan may have limited English-language support, making it difficult for expats who do not speak Japanese to navigate the process of opening a payment card account.

Overall, while it is possible for expats to get a payment card in Japan, it may require some extra effort and patience due to the various challenges that may arise.

The Chatbot obviously knows a thing or two! Luckily (for real humans at least), MobalPay makes getting a payment card in Japan easy!

First up, our requirements are super-simple – all you need is the Residence Card you got when you first arrived in Japan. There are no minimum residency requirements either! We also offer full English-language support, meaning that you’ll be able to speak to a fellow English-speaker if you have any problems. With MobalPay, getting a payment card in Japan isn’t just possible, it’s simple! Apply for your MobalPay card now!

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