Apply For Your MobalPay Account

Things To Know Before You Apply

Ready to apply? Before you do, there are a couple of things you should check you're happy with.

The initial setup fee for your MobalPay card is ¥2,970. After that, your MobalPay account costs ¥385 per month, which will be deducted from your account balance each month.

Who Can Apply

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You must be 18 or over

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You must be a mid to long-term resident in Japan

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You must not have an existing MobalPay account

What You'll Need

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A Japanese address

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A valid photo ID document (Japan Residence Card or Japanese Driver’s License)

Please note the name and address you provide on the application form must match to your ID. We'll ask you to upload photos of your ID document when you apply.

How Applying Works

1. Apply for MobalPay online by filling in our application form and uploading photos of your valid (in date) Japan Residence Card or Japanese Driver’s License

2. Once your ID has been accepted, you’ll be asked for your setup fee of ¥2,970, which you can pay by topping up your MobalPay account for the first time – we'll give you instructions on how to do this

3. When we've received your setup fee your MobalPay card will be sent right to you, wherever you are in Japan!